Lightning Fleet 442
Sailing on Lake Winnebago
at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Fleet Captain:  Mike Elmergreen
Fleet Secretary:  Sue Dorscheid
Fleet Champion:  Pete Orlebeke - 2016

15158    Too Klos                Pete Orlebeke
15042    Ellie B                    Elmergreen/Dorscheid
13580    Splurge                  Darrel Greening
    359     First Attempt        Pete Chisholm

2016 Lighthouse Regatta

International Lightning Class Association


Sparkman & Stephens, 1938
Over 15500 built
More than 500 fleets worldwide
Length: 19'0"
Beam: 6'6"
Displacement: 700 lb
Draft (board down): 4'11"
(board up): 5"
Mast height: 26'2"
Sail area (main & jib): 177 sq.ft.
(spinnaker): 300 sq.ft.
Crew (racing): 3

 Midwest District

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Lightning Fleet 442 is part of the Midwest District and races on the south end of Lake Winnebago at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  We are affiliated with the Fond du Lac Sailing Club and also receive support from the Fond du Lac Yacht Club.  We race every Tuesday night between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  We race in a mixed fleet under the Portsmouth Handicap system.  This year our Inland 20 scow fleet will have their own start at 6:25 and our start will be at 6:30.  We race against M16 Scows, MC Scows, Buccaneers, X Scows, Lasers, and Force 5's.  We also run a regatta in early June called the Lighthouse.   This year we will have Lightnings and Inland 20's racing on the same course with separate starts.


     The Lightning, a 19 foot trailerable centerboard sloop, was originally designed by Sparkman & Stephens in 1938 as an affordable family day-sailor and three person racing boat. She has evolved into one of the most popular and competitive one-design racing classes in the world. Awarded ISAF International Class status, the Lightning is sailed in more than 13 countries and in the Pan American Games, and the class provides a professionally-managed association that is among the largest in all of one-design sailing, with nearly 500 fleets. The Lightning's rig is simple, but offers sophisticated sail shape controls. The hull features a unique hard chine design that combines the stability that provides sail-carrying power, with flat bottom sections that promote planing. The International Lightning Class Association protects the boat's design and licenses custom and private builders to build boats under its administration. A list of Lightning builders is available from the ILCA upon request.

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