1967 Allen - 695 pounds, stainless board, aluminum oval mast & boom, galvanized trailer with new wheels and tires and wide bunks.  Completely refurbished in 2004 inside and out.  We spent 100's of hours on this refit.  Rigged modern style with dual side controls for traveler side to side, traveler height, backstay, vang, cunningham, and wire.  Spectra vang and traveler.  Block & tackle centerboard hoist to 360 swivel cleat.  Modern style rudder and tiller.  All wood replaced or refinished.  Nickels spinnaker pole.  Micro Tactic.  New blocks and cleats.  Mast up cover.  Stored inside heated shed year round.  Main, 2 jibs, and spinnaker.   

Priced to sell at $4500.       Located in Rosendale, Wisconsin.

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This was a COMPLETE restoration.  We faired the hull and primed with Interlux two part Multithane primer and then painted with Interlux Interthane Plus which is a two part linear polyurethane paint.  We did the same to the deck and added a touch of black to make it ever so slightly grey.  We used Interlux Bilgekote to do the inside of the hull.  We sanded with 600, 800, 1000, and 1200 grit.  We then used 3M rubbing compound then 3M glazing compound.  Finally we applied teflon wax.
We rigged with mostly Harken and Holt Allen hardware and high tech lines.  The jib cars are modern style and they are spaced inboard the same as current boats.  This boat is rigged almost the same as my 2000 Nickels - 15042.  This picture was taken before the double ended side controls were installed.  The spinnaker exit blocks are moved forward and it is rigged with twings.